Welcome to Aarhus Curling Club

Are you new to Aarhus a need an activity that’s provides both social interaction while still physically demanding at a level that fits you?
Well, then you’ve come to the right place! Curling might be the sport for you!

Aarhus Curling Club is based at Aarhus Skatingrink, Göteborg Allé 9, in northern Aarhus.
We practice every Sunday evening from 6:45 -8:30 pm.

We pride ourselfes in our mission; Expanding the knowledge of Curling in and around Aarhus through members both young and old.
As a direct consequence of this the clubs main focus is to gain members who wish to learn the game of Curling – no matter if you wish to be a casual curler or play championships.
Everything is possible.

At the moment our youngest member is 11 and or oldest is above 70. We have several members from different European countries and Canada whom are mostly students from the University but also formerly a privately employed Engineer and an Au Pair have been members as well.

No knowledge of Curling needed!
The greatest thing about Curling is that everybody starts out equal, most people knows nothing about the game when they try it the first time. It’s also a game that contains much more than just good physique. A great understanding of tactics, clever strategy and good technique can get you just as far as great physical shape can.

Curling is truly a game for everybody who wants to give it a shot.

So is there REALLY no prerequisite?
No. Really. There isn’t!
The only that could hamper Curling for you is physical injury. Especially knee injuries could possibly pose a problem – but should this be the case we have other means of solving any problems like that.

Ehm, sounds really good! Buuut, what is Curling again?
Haha, yeah… We have a great little video for you that should brush you up.

Wuhuu! I want to play!
Great! We’re looking forward to meeting you.
To make sure we are ready to receive you, have an instructor and equipment ready, we ask that you fill out this form and provide your e-mail address and we’ll get in touch as soon as possible.