National Qualification 2004

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Rungsted Cup

Tournaments 2004

Tournament Autum 2003

Aarhus Curling Klub participated as the only team from outside the Copenhagen area in the national qualification Tournament at Taarnby Curling Club November the 6th and 7th.


As the only club whitout curling ice, hopes weren't high, and if we had been trying to climb the fistic ladder of fame the referee probaly would have stopped the uneven battle, but fortunately this wasn't boxing but curling.


We did loose, but we also optained a lot of knowlegde about the game, that we could not get anywhere else.


And we did however play one good game loosing with only 1 stone to the 2001 junior world champion silver winners, and that was after taking 6 ends from them.


The team: First Klaus Svindborg, Second Lau Dahl, Third Flemming Mortensen and Skip Thorbjørn Jørgensen.