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On Saturday August the 27th our club had inveted wheelchairusers, seniors and some young people to come and try out the game of curling, Egmont a school for disabled people had responded.

Egmont has visited us earlier this year.

We kind of thought that we knew was was ahead of us. Egmont had diveded their students in two groups. The first group that visited us was the expected wheelchairs user, who was having a lot of fun playing.

The second group did not have any wheelchairs user, but out on the ice, one of the teachers ask, oh by the way, I do not hope that it matters, but two of the students are blind.

No blind people can play too, the vicepresident said thinking of a solution to his new problem very fast.

Actually the blind people were very god at playing curling and did play very well, hitting allmost every thing the were ask to hit taking aim at the vicepresident, who was whistling in order to provide some kind of a aiming point to the blind.