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We couldn't find any christmas cards, funnies or anything like it on the internet, so our webmaster decided to try out as an artis himself. He allied himself with youth players from Aarhus Curling Club. This is the result. We hope you like it.

If you have a drawing or picture you will like to share with other curling players feel free to mail it to us, and we will put it on our web site emidiately if you mail it to to in an attached file.

Cindi Pedersen made this drawing of her sister Rachel in april 2004:


Rachel Pedersen created this drawing advertising for a major Danish insurance company.

The text reads: It all about feeling safe.

Don't be shy, send us yoyr drawings. The webmaster made this curling Obelix december the 27 2004. The text reads: Those crazy Scots, using a bauta you can play take out on an entire Roman legion.

Maja Sørensen Painted this picture in november 2004 as a christmas present for the webmaster.

A few other products from the webmaster


Fishings good and in the winter time it's marvellous playing curling

It was you who wanted to play lead

Skip aint a good idea either
Sow, this is curling, that aint much!!
I'm not telling him about the ice
Whats he yelling about?
Shouldn't we have waited for the winter?
Relax, we'll soon find those stones

Whish I was in free guard zone